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The Om Studio doors will be open as usual.

We await you with the warmest smile and Namaste.

On your arrival

January 2022


° At the entrance side door there will be hand sanitiser for your use before

touching the entrance door code buttons to enter.

° Arrival with facial covering optional until you land on your Yoga mat inside the studio.
° Temperature checks maybe taken on arrival.

° A studio door will be left open for ventilation at all times in the studio.


Please bring with you your:
° Yoga mat
° Clean towel to place over a bolster
° Shawl/blanket or jumper for your comfort & warmth


° After signing up for a class you will be joined to a Yoga Whatsapp group

where Debbie leaves any 'need to know' messages.

°  Please message Debbie with anything that prohibits your visit to class health wise

or general interruptions if you're not able to attend your class.

° Goes without saying if you experience any viral symptoms to PM Debbie that way required measures

can be taken inside the WA group if necessary.

° The Om Studio is cleaned and cleansed constantly.

It is only used for the purpose of Yoga & meditation.
° Bolsters and soft fabric are aired and sprayed after class.
° High touch areas are wiped clean after classes:

Thank you
Look forward to seeing you here in care and love

Debbie Om

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