The Om Studio doors will be open from the 17th May 2021.

We await you with the warmest smile and Namaste.

On your arrival

May 2021

° Immediate Arrival - at the entrance door there is hand sanitizer for your use before touching the entrance door code buttons.
° I shall be here 10 minutes before class to meet you outside in the garden before entering the Om Studio Space.
Please arrive 10 minutes before class begins with a few more initial checks for us to have in in place.

° Temperature check taken on arrival.

° A studio door will be left open for ventilation at all times in the studio.

° The group will not exceed 8 persons.

° A 2 metre distancing space is marked out on the studio floor - to be adhered to at all times inside of studio and when using facilities.

Please bring with you your:
° Yoga mat
° Clean towel to place over a bolster.
° Shawl/Blanket or Jumper for your comfort & warmth.

° After signing up for your class you will be joined to the Yoga Whatsapp group. To assist in studio safety and care Debbie posts direct information to reach you as soon as she possibly can.
° For track and trace bubble please message anything that prohibits your visit to class health wise or general interruptions for no attendance.
° Goes without staying if you experience any Covid symptoms please DM so we can take the required measures.

° The Om Studio is clean and cleansed constantly.
It is only used for the purpose of Yoga & meditation so energy wise cleansed also.


° High touch areas are wiped clean after classes finish - this really goes without saying


~ Keeping you safe as possible. ~

♡ Finally - no hugging yet we meet in Namaste and heart Resonance of stillness always ♡

Thank you
Look forward to seeing you here in care and love
Debbie om