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Sat, 03 Jun



Blossom Yoga Retreat Day

Blossom Yoga Retreat Day
Blossom Yoga Retreat Day

Time & Location

03 Jun 2023, 10:00 – 17:00

Northampton, 39 Queens Park Parade, Northampton NN2 6LP, UK

About the event

Blossom Retreat Day

Join Raye White & special guest Rachael Hales for a deeply nourishing Yoga & Meditation retreat day with Cacao Blessings, Song and Poetry as we celebrate the Strawberry Full Moon that falls on this day.

Also called the Blossoming Moon we’ll be honouring our strengths and achievements (however big or small), softening into our sweetness, supporting our ripening as we head towards the Summer Solstice. Humans, are in a perpetual state of blossoming, growing and expanding. Our cells are constantly renewing, biologically we are not the same person as we were yesterday, energetically, every interaction with person, place or thing, moulds our shifting perceptions. Today we take the time to celebrate our growth and connection to the body, to food, and to the pleasures of the earth.


Location: The Om Studio, 39 Queens Park Parade, Northampton NN2 6LP, UK

Date: Saturday 3rd June, 2023

Time: 10am – 5pm

Lunch: A vegetarian “pot luck” food share

Exchange: Pay what you can afford £57/£67/£77

The day will include:

  • Opening Cacao Ceremony & Song with Rachael Hales
  • Heart words Meditation
  • Blossom Moon Yoga Flow
  • Vegetarian Pot Luck
  • Journey & Journal
  • Circle of Fullness
  • Crystal Healing & Nidra
  • Closing Song Ceremony with Rachael Hales

This is a cosy and intimate retreat with only 10 spaces available.

To book your space please click here and fill in the registration form.

Location Map:

Studio Website:

This day is a reminder to welcome the fullness already ripening inside of you, a day to honour your creativity and achievements. If you’ve been feeling bitter, it’s a day to sweeten up a bit, to let go of any past hurts that are making your “now” sour and poisoning future creations before they have a chance to ripen bloom.

You’ll work with the Spirit of Cacao, blessed with song in the opening ceremony by the lovely Rachael Hales. Pranayama breath practices follow to open the body and Heart Words Meditation for Self Enquiry and to experience first hand the fullness that already lives inside of you and the spaciousness of your mind,

The Yoga practice will be a sweet and juicy, Soul’full slow flow. Lunar themed, you’ll be diving deep into your hips and softening the Heart, reconnecting with your sensuality and experiencing the pleasure of practicing Sacred union with yourSelf.

In the Spirit of fullness and sharing, lunch is a vegetarian “pot luck” (these usually we end up with a feast!)

After lunch you’ll go on a Shamanic journey, guided by my voice and drum, to explore your inner landscapes, retrieve any fragmented parts of you Soul, see clearly what creativity is blossoming within you and what Animal Spirits and Plant Essences wish to support you in your growth. There will be time to journal afterwards,

You will then participate in the Circle of Fullness ritual, where you’ll actively release the past that’s holding you back, step fully into your future Self, creating circles within circles as we circle dance and all support each other.

You’ll expand this sense of fullness with Pranic healing, leading into a deep Yoga Nidra, whilst laying in a quartz crystal Star of David grid and receiving the unconditionally loving energies of rose quartz.

Rachael Hales will lead the songs and mantras for closing ceremony.

Click here to book now.


Day: 3 is a number of expression and sensitivity. This day supports our creative expression as we are invited to acknowledge the vulnerability we must feel and move through in order to give birth to our visions.

Month: 6 is a number of vision and acceptance. The days are long at this time of year, the scales tipped towards expression of the Sun. The invitation this month is to come together in supportive community, to see the perfection in all that we are and all that we are becoming, to remind each that we are always growing towards potential. 6 brings supportive energies for nurturing and healing, compassion and empathy. The trap of 6 energy is over giving, idealism and perfectionism, lofty visions, focusing on petty details that can result in disappointment. 6 exalted is the embodiment of the Heart in service to the whole and yet those of us with 6 in our personal numerology, must remember that we are part of that whole.

Year Number: 2+0+2+3 = 7 This year brings opportunities to experience Trust and openness. Before we can Trust others we must first learn to know and Trust ourSelves. It’s a good year for exploring our talents, for learning new things, for using our creative skills, hobbies, and special gifts to help others and joyfully support ourselves.

Day number: 3+6+2+0+2+3 = 16/7 A 16 day is great for finding wisdom through expanding on the self. It relates to the Tower in the tarot which can represent illusions crumbling so that we may see reality as it is. Again we have the energy of 7, so we can see this as a day to dis-create all that is getting in the way of the expression of our Soul and the expression of our gifts, strengths and talents.

Welcome your fullness by trusting in your Presence. Let your Soul be seen, as your talents and strengths are revealed and shared.



Instagram: @thebendywitch

Facebook: @bendywitch

Bright Blessings,

Raye x

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