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Meditation Teacher & Crystal Therapist

Alison is the founder of Alison Francis Crystal Therapies. Having qualified under the instruction of Lauren D’Silva at Touchstones School of Crystal Therapy, she is a Fully qualified ACHO crystal therapist, Reiki Master and has a wealth of knowledge working with the energies. She has run her own small business for over 10 years based in Northampton and has a diverse clientele from all over England as well as Greece and Madrid.

She strongly believes we are all here to help each other and has raised thousands over 17 years by donating to local charities and those that need help.

Alison Francis Crystal Therapies ethos is - regardless of abilities, background and circumstances, everyone should have access to knowledge regarding alternative therapies as well as conventional medicine. Meditating, crystal therapy, Reiki, counselling, Wim Hof methods, yoga, dancing, walking to name a few, can create a more harmonious healthier life naturally. 

Alison currently runs a twice monthly guided meditation evening at the Om Studio. Using unconventional methods, she shows people that you can obtain peace and clarity to make life easier in today’s crazy world. She uses different tools, such as crystals, drumming, shouting, laughing with like minded people. She writes her own short story meditations incorporating methods of letting go of out dated methods of behaviour, freeing yourself of stress to free physical ailments and giving ones self permission to take time out.

Alison truly believes that unconventional modalities along with medicine, are the ONLY way forward into making change in our mind, body and soul in today’s demanding world. It needs compassion for self and others and to also be taught to our children as they are our future!! 

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