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Our Teachers and Practitioners

Below you will find more information on our teachers who run regular classes at The Om


Debbie Botterill

Yoga Teacher

Namaste! My yoga style is somatic and explorative…

I’ve been teaching Yoga since 2001 after achieving my qualification with Friends Of Yoga (FRYOG) - a friendly organisation set up by Wilfred Clark. My current style of Yoga has birthed out of a body lead practise and gratitude for all the teachers I have learnt from...[read more]



Yoga Teacher

I was intrigued by yoga and meditation from childhood. It seemed a bit wayout in the 70s, but my lovely and very ordinary seeming grandmother (My Grooner) told me that she had come out of her body in her meditation and she wasn't even the oldest person in her yoga class...[read more]


Alison Francis

Meditation Teacher & Crystal Therapist

Alison is the founder of Alison Francis Crystal Therapies.

She is a Fully qualified ACHO crystal therapist, Reiki Master and has a wealth of knowledge working with the energies. She has run her own small business for over 10 years based in Northampton and has a diverse clientele from all over England as well as Greece and Madrid...[read more]


Cath Kendrick

Yoga Teacher


Yoga constantly teaches me the wonder of awareness towards myself and life lived with others.

It’s such a gift to be able to share this with you. I came to yoga through meditation.  Yoga breath awareness gives centering into stillness that finds the calm place that is always within each and everyone of us. Yoga prompts this every time in daily life...[read more]

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