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Yoga at The Om Studio

Yoga is the perfect place to begin nurturing your body and mind relationship.

It is so important to find time for moving and excercising the body towards the benefits of deeper fuller breath, flexibility and strength. This can also lead to becoming more aware of your posture and an increasing ability to enjoy the highs and make sharper peace with the lows of life. You will find that more ease pervades your every day life.  Yoga will open up a new way of being in your body, when you find the class for you. 


How to find the class for you ? 

A good place to start is a beginners class. There are many different styles of Yoga so Google is helpful in sharing Yoga style traditions. In the beginning your physical ability will be your guide.  If you are physically enjoying a class this is a good indicator from the start  - your mind will follow.


Over time your yoga needs may change and you will learn to trust the need to try out new styles and new ways of working with given yoga postures/Asanas.  At some point you will find the Yoga Style and Teacher that works well for you. Stay open to change in your class and all will work out, even beyond the yoga exercise.

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Events at The Om Studio

Here at The Om we wish to share a range of heart opening events to suit everyone on their journey of physical and metaphysical discovery.  From meditation and yoga to gong baths and dance works, we invite you to delve deep within by experiencing the teachings of our wonderful practitioners.

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“Man is made by his beliefs. As he believes, so he is.”

~ Bhagavad Gita

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