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❋ There is on road parking available in Balmoral Road and further up along Queens Park Parade at anytime. There is a car-park at ASDA over the road which is not monitored which can be used. Bells also have a private car-park which is available for use but only out of office hours i.e. after 5.30pm Monday through Saturday and after 4.00pm on Sundays. Please avoid using the car-park during office hours as we have an agreement which we would like to keep to and they will issue parking fines as stated on their signs. We would recommend that you avoid using the car-park at ALDI as they monitor their car-park with CCTV and will issue fines after 90 minutes regardless of whether the store is open or not - including Sundays


On Arrival

❋ There is a secure side gate which requires an access code. Please contact your class teacher or event organiser at least a day before the class to get the code.

❋ Once through the gate, please keep walking down the path to the studio which is at the bottom of the garden

❋ Please remove your outdoor shoes whilst in the studio

❋ Please turn off all mobile phones

❋ There is a toilet available upstairs for your convenience

❋ There is also an open space upstairs to change out of your day clothes if required

❋ If you are waiting for the previous class to finish can you please respect their relaxation time and keep in the ‘whisper zone’. There is a shala space in the garden which you are welcome to use.


What to wear and bring for Yoga Classes with Debbie

❋ Please wear loose fitting clothing

❋ Appropriate footwear would be socks or bare feet subject to reasonable hygiene

❋ There are yoga mats available in the studio but please bring your own mat if you have one

❋ Please bring your own water if you want to

❋ Please return any mats or equipment to where it lives after the class is finished

❋ Please can you make sure the gate is shut when you leave


We have listed some useful pointers to help you with your first event/class in the Om Zone

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