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Yoga Teacher & Om Studio Founder

I've practice and attended many different Yoga styles such as Igyengar, Kundalini, Ashtangha, Yin Mantra, Yoga Nada, Restorative Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and many more.  Life has also presented many Teachers to me who each have such an individual style of sharing this amazing subject, I believe that within this individuality is where one can truly experience The Artistry of Yoga.


Studying and experiencing such a range of styles continues to show me the teachings I’m most suited to sharing with the world.  I teach a body lead practice first and foremost with my heart fully connecting to the present moment.  I find this calls us to notice the inner body movement and sensations deep within.

My main teacher, with whom I’ve worked for 10 years, has been John Stirk, and he still continues to inspire my mind body connection.  I've also studied and worked with Gary Carter, Donna Farhi, Hayley North, Pete Blackaby, Muz Murray, and enjoyed working in depth with the practices of Mantra Mastery, Adviata Teachings and Satsang.


I have spent many hours in silent Satsang at Monta Sahaja Ashram over the past 5 years.  This has helped strengthen my self-inquiry practice as I find Satsang is a form of constant meditative Prayer, and it truly informs the Yoga I find myself teaching today.  My devotion to the truth of trust is unwavering and I know life shows me where I am needed to be in service. I am forever grateful for the profound teachings of Mooji and Sahaja.  Please see my links below for more information on our Satsang space held at The Om Studio.


‘Yoga Presence’- So what does that mean?

Yoga Presence is going to be your best communicator as it involves developing awareness towards the Body movement connection. You will learn to refine how to listen deeper to the body through sensation which then translates into feeling through movement and stillness.  This will be through teachings that direct attention back inwardly towards the body and the ground space upon which we stand or lay. The Alchemy of connecting into being starts with the Physical before moving into the awareness of Thought and then to Emotion which supports self discovery on the Yoga mat: Welcome to Yoga Presence. 


These Yoga teachings are simple immediate connections to Heart - Mind - Body.

In my class you will give up everything to explore self interest through movement.  The Yoga Presence practice brings about a constant environment of Holistic Support to daily living, and you will soon notice that the body thrives on attention. I will share with you a way of exploring body movement by tuning in to your own experience of the body heart mind connection. Your body also informs me how to teach as I witness your body movement and the mood of the collective in the Class setting. 


A General Class flow experience

♡ A Light hearted approach when this feels appropriate for winning over the body’s trust. 

♡ Generosity in communication towards the body/mind connection. 

♡ A safe space to come and explore Yoga with my awareness as a torch light guiding you through with words to assist your flow of direction.

♡Precious time for you to deepen your ability to listen to your body’s needs in the moment.

♡Breathing awareness which changes the chemistry of the nervous system. 

♡Deep rest towards the end of the class to relieve tension and more.

♡Meditation to teach you how to press the pause button, reflect, and to let go of everything for a while and Be Here.


Om Studio

The Om Yoga Studio opened in 2003 where I teach my weekly classes in addition to hosting other Yoga teachers and many heartful events.  The studio has a life flow of its own you could say; I nurture and trust the Om Space with all my being…


The OM is BORN! The studio is here to remind you to give back to yourself, to retreat into wellness and learn ways to nurture Self Love even more.  The Om Studio is a beautiful conduit for amazing work with creative heartfelt beings, teachers and facilities.  I feel endless gratitude for this.  I never really had a plan for this Om conduit, in fact there still is no plan! Yet somehow I feel total trust in the moment - this perfect Life is supporting the continued studying of all things: Yoga - Movement - Health - Wellness – Food – Mantra - Prayer. 

Today as I write these words I am very aware that my life has become the living evidence of my findings. I am here to say YES we can live in the moment and in full presence. We need to respond to life as it shows itself by moving from a place inside that is truly respectful and trusting.


Outside of the wonderous Yoga world You will find me…

…grateful and blessed to share this life with my partner Andrew.  We hang out together, talk real together, enjoy the outdoors, music, films, cooking good food, laughing, crying together, sharing the Satsang of life together. I also love co - hosting events here at Om Studio.

We have a great love for holidays in particular Portugal where we take regular breaks.

We hold a yearly Yoga Retreat in Portugal together, Andrew taking care of the cooking whilst I teach the Yoga and Meditation.  Andrew’s presence is a constant here in the Om Zone and he calls himself “Holistic Support”!


I love walking my dog Ziggy every morning, and although these days he is a little delicate,  he’s still a fierce and protective Jack Russell guarding the Om Zone space for me!


More things I love… 


  • Reading/listening to audio books, 

  • Cooking fresh vegetarian/vegan food and eating it!

  • Baking Vegan cakes.

  • Blending oils and sprays to sell in the Om .

  • Learning ways to improve a lighter foot print on this beautiful planet. 

  • I have wonderful friendships to share juicy conversations and days out and about walking.

  • I play Gongs, Tibetan bowls, shake a tambourine, rattles and often find myself happy for no reason in particular.

  • My joy for Mantra chanting, singing and dancing is a constant.

  • Prayer and devotional singing is a constant reminder - it connects my soul to life and  I am thankful for all of this.

My teachers thank you. 

Jonh Stirk - Beneath Yoga 

Linda Hartley - Movement and Therapeutic presence

Mooji - Advaita Self Inquiry

Muz Murray - Mantra Sound Mastery

Hayley North - Yoga Movement


I am here to say I trust this meeting will lead you back to finding Your Natural Yoga. 

Thank you for being here and reading this.  Debbie x

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