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Yoga with Ali


Yoga for Wellbeing: Every Thursday 9:45am - 11:00am 

Well Woman Yoga: First Thursday of every month 7.30pm - 9.30pm


What to Expect from Well Woman Yoga with Ali

My monthly two hour Well Woman Yoga sessions are a space held for women to come together and

slow down the busy pace of life. We draw on practices to honour our bodies as cyclical beings which

move in unison with the cycles of our bodies, the moon, and the turning of the seasons. These

practices are very gentle, but incredibly powerful, with the ultimate aim of bringing well needed

nurturing and deep rest to our body-minds. Each session involves some gentle mindful movement

and breath work, restorative yoga (where we use lots of props to support our bodies in easeful yoga

postures), ending with a long yoga guided nidra (deep relaxation).

What to Expect from Yoga for Wellbeing with Ali

'Yoga for Wellbeing' is a gentle Yoga Therapist-led class, offering practises to bring ease and nourishment to body, mind and being. Each class will incorporate gentle limbering, yoga asana (postures), and breathing, mindfulness and relaxation practices to create balance and calm. 


This class is suitable for complete beginners and those who would like to move at a steady pace. There will be props a plenty and modifications offered to support your individual needs. 

Further Info

❋ For more info contact Ali:

❋ Please refer to the Welcome Information page prior to attending your first class.

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