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Sun, 02 Apr



Blossom Yoga Retreat Day

Blossom Yoga Retreat Day
Blossom Yoga Retreat Day

Time & Location

02 Apr 2023, 10:00 – 16:30

Northampton, 39 Queens Park Parade, Northampton NN2 6LP, UK

About the event

Spring Into Abundance - Blossom Retreat Day

Join Raye White & special guest Rachael Hales for a deeply nourishing Yoga & Meditation retreat day with Cacao Blessings, Song and Poetry.  In the waxing moon phase leading up to a full moon in Libra, which will be opposing the planet Chiron (the wounded healer!), this is a great time to heal our wounds around Abundance and to focus on establishing harmony in the balance of giving and receiving


2 Apr, 10:00 – 16:30

The Om Studio 39 Queens Park Parade, Northampton NN2 6LP, UK


Yoga & Meditation Retreat Day

Date: Sunday 2nd April 2023

Time: 10am - 4.30pm

Lunch: A vegetarian feast (included)

Exchange: £77 or £55 low income concession


To book your space please click here to fill in the registration form:

The day will include:

•  Opening Cacao Ceremony & Song with Rachael Hales

•  Abundance Heart words Meditation

•  Blossom Yoga Flow

•  Lunch (included)

•  Journey & Journal

•  Abun"dance" Manifestation Ritual

•  Relax & Receive Yoga Nidra

•  Closing Song Ceremony with Rachael Hales

This is a cosy and intimate retreat with only 10 spaces available.

At a time when on the outside, many people are losing jobs, are being replaced with AI, when the cost of living is rising, the rich appear to be getting richer and the poor getting poorer, it is so important we find ways to keep a sense of Abundance within us alive.

Abundance is a sense beyond simply having money, and yet it does not exclude financial wealth. Many of us need money to pay our bills and we are in fact conditioned to desire money, chase after it and to hoard it. Also to feel guilt and shame if we find ourselves in need of financial support.

Remembering that Abundance and Wealth have many forms of manifestation, money being just one of them, helps us to relax and find a healthy balance in our giving and receiving.

This retreat day is an opportunity to explore your relationship with Abundance (which includes money), to uncover any blockages restricting your flow, to get clear on what Abundance looks like for you and recognising and focusing on areas where it is already present.

This is a day for play, for lightness and Joy, all energies that attract. We’ll start with a Heart opening Cacao ceremony, we’ll sing and learn a Lakshmi (Goddess of Abundance) Mantra, find our Abundance Heart Words that we can use anytime we are feeling in lack and bring our body into state of flow and freedom, focusing on our arms, that we physically use to give and receive, also releasing the thoracic spine and stiffness between the shoulder blades, the back of the Heart chakra, Anahata.

We’ll be journeying to find and dis-create the root of any beliefs in lack and creating new neural pathways as we dance (with help of the Fae), our Abundance within joyfully into BEing. We’ll end with a Yoga Nidra, moving into a state of allowing and receiving, before finishing with some more songs ( you can join in or just listen) that will remind us to keep blossoming and that together we can create harmony and a wealth of loving support in cOMmUNITY.

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Day: 2 is a number of co-operation, a day of creating balance and harmony.

Month: 4 is a number of stability and process, a month of laying foundations, nurturing seeds planted, of getting clear on the processes needed to create a good summer and subsequent harvest.

Year Number: 2+0+2+3 = 7 This year brings opportunities to experience Trust and openness. Before we can Trust others we must first learn to know and Trust ourSelves. It’s a good year for exploring our talents, for learning new things, for using our creative skills, hobbies, and special gifts to help others and joyfully support ourselves.

Day number: 2+4+2+0+2+3 = 13/4 is an invitation to confidently create stability by getting clear on processes through expression of ones sensitivity. 13 is also the number of the Goddess, the Divine Feminine, the receptive, attracting aspect of Nature.

Spring into Abundance! From the deep well of Silence within let your innate Abundance express itSelf as Joy in action.



Instagram: @thebendywitch

Facebook: @bendywitch

Bright Blessings,

Raye x

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