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Sun, 01 Dec


The Om Studio

⌘ Lazy Sunday Afternoon - Women's Session

I've got no time to worry just close my eyes and drift away... BOOKING BY TEXT MESSAGE ONLY!

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⌘ Lazy Sunday Afternoon - Women's Session
⌘ Lazy Sunday Afternoon - Women's Session

Time & Location

01 Dec 2019, 13:30 – 17:00

The Om Studio, 39, Queens Park Parade, Northampton NN2 6LP, UK

About the event

Lazy Sunday Afternoon - Women's Session

❋ Date: 1st December

❋ Time: 1.30pm - 5pm

❋ Exchange: FREE - 14 spaces available. 

❋ Booking: ❤️ By text message only. Contact Debbie 07828139582 ❤️

This Lazy Sunday Afternoon session will focus on deep relaxation along with authentic movement.

There will be 14 places to offer out on a first come first serve basis. YOU NEED NO EXPERIENCE JUST A WOMAN FEELING FOR SOME NURTURE AND SELF CARE TIME.

Our Woman's Conscious Conversation Group and Soulful Singing Hearts Group have been on a donation basis of £5 and these donations are going enable us to provide events such as this FREE of charge. The woman's group spoke about providing this space for WOMEN at present With A MEN'S event to come soon.This event is for You to come rest and reset dear Woman.

Our facilitators this session will be Debbie & Gemma 

Authentic Movement with Debbie 

"Authentic Movement Connecting to the present You"

 This session aims at connecting you to the unmoving that resides within. Movement is a fabulous teacher that can assist ones own attention greatly. We will use the elements which will encourage the movement to be felt.

 •Using - Connection to Earth body Ground feet, Pulse, breath. Connecting to sensory Smell/Earth 

•Using - Connection to Water body In quiet waters or stormy water of sea 

To find the body's Rhythm verses tension here during movement. Connecting to sensory Taste/Water 

•Using - Connection to Fire body The heat of the moment through expression in movement here 

Connecting to sensory Vision/Fire 

•Using - Connection to Air body Finding fluidity here...through felt expression 

Connecting to sensory Touch/Air 

•Using-Connection to Ether Beyond movement here...moving through into and out of the felt effects internal and external 

Connecting to sensory Hearing/Either 

What to expect ... •A invitation that invites the Body to connect to its truest felt expression through movement and in stillness to witness that which wishes to move and that which is unmoving. There will be time given after the movement to track back through the movement and share with your inner witness.There will be an opportunity to ask for feedback if movement has been lost/ forgotten in the mover's movement. 

•Nothing to achieve, nothing to compare, no-thing to follow directly, nothing to learn to change or to improve here.  So no experience required.  Debbie holds the space for you "To Meet Yourself in the Potency of "Only this now space" 

The practice will be about accessing inner and outer sensations to feel your movement in the moment. Ease or tension, stories that hold mental and physiological imprints in the body that may hinder aspects of day to day life and living keeping one bound to limitation and restriction. These seemingly appear to keep life safe and contained, neatly sewed up one might say.  In exploration through movement in this case, the body grows in willingness to let go to surrender. You may reveal layers of "other ways of being conscious" that are closer than close that one's awareness can fully flourish in. This consciousness has a loving embrace when one is available to trust - we can let go of over thinking.  Mind is a trickster that can create unreal fear about life in general. This can carry immense power if it is allowed to run riot stifling the natural joy and happiness that we truly are. This is unknown and unseen when in the thick of the Mind web - you may find yourself over thinking about how to always do life, be life, have life.  You are life, so is it possible to let life go and relax back a little more. Remember no experience needed here.


Yoga Nidra with Gemma

"The key to inner peace is not some impenetrable secret. While seemingly obscure it is actually in plain sight and readily available to you - an open secret”  ~ Richard Miller 

A perfect lazy Sunday! Get comfortable and settle in for a some deep rest. Join us for a session of yoga nidra. A meditation to guide you into an effortless space of being. A space that allows us to listen to what we really need. This is not just about having a nice relaxing time. Rest is vital. It replenishes, heals and restores. There is no belief system, nothing to get wrong, nothing to work out. You are your best guide and Yoga Nidra allows you to gently enquire and connect with that unchanging, ever-present part of you, that knows what you need right now. The perfect spot to rest and reconnect. 

We will have time to settle in, ask questions and soak up the benefits.



The Donation money will pay two teachers to come and hold this space for you to serve YOU Amazing woman of Northampton and beyond.

The Afternoon Flow will look like this:

💚 1.30pm - Authentic Movement with Debbie

💚 3.00pm - Cake and Tea break.   

💚 3.30pm - Yoga Nidra with Gemma

💚 4.50pm - A short Closing meditation.

♥️ Cancellations please please give as much notice as possible so we can gift the space to another woman ♥️

❋ Booking ❋ 

❤️ By text message only. Contact Debbie 07828139582 ❤️

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