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Sat, 21 Jan



Moving with Stillness - New Moon Yoga Retreat Day

Moving with Stillness - New Moon Yoga Retreat Day
Moving with Stillness - New Moon Yoga Retreat Day

Time & Location

21 Jan 2023, 10:00 – 16:30

Northampton, 39, Queens Park Parade, Northampton NN2 6LP, UK

About the event

Moving With Stillness - New Moon

Date: 21st January 2023

Time: 10am - 4.30pm

Includes: A light vegetarian lunch

Exchange: £77 or £55 low income concession

Booking: Fill in the reg form here:

Moving With Stillness - New Moon

Join Raye & Rachael for a deeply nourishing Yoga & Meditation retreat day

with Cacao Blessings, Song and Poetry, on January’s first New Dark Moon.

Enter the Darkness to reveal your Light. This is an opportunity to turn your

attention inwards, to get intimate with your Stillness in the Darkness,

finding Peace in the moment and Clarity for your year ahead.

It’s easy to lose sight of the Stillness and Peace within us in this man made society

that is designed to constantly grab our attention away from the Present moment. The

New, Dark Moon phase is a great time for Meditation and Clarity, for more easily

recognising the Stillness within and exploring what is us and what is not.

It is in the Darkness, the void, that we find our guiding Light. Here we mine for the

the illuminating pearls of Wisdom that guide us to live in Integrity. With radical

Honesty, the clam like grip with which we try to control our perceived “reality”, pries

our eyes open, revealing the Wisdom needed to clearly see what is not working in

our lives, what needs to be physically and emotionally released, what needs to be

nurtured and carried forward. As we get comfy in the Dark, our Soul Star shines

more brightly.

The Dark is not evil and the Light is not good. The Dark can be ‘Shunyata”,

emptiness as the purity of Prajna Paramita, the perfection of Wisdom. The Light can

casts shadows. To be in integrity we must be willing to see, own, face and dis-create

the unconscious shadows/patterns that hide in our dark, shroud our Light, obscure

our Wisdom, steal away our energy and innate Power. This is the invitation of this

Dark/New Moon in Aquarius, for when the Full Moon comes around, her Light will

surely reveal that which is hidden, as unresolved emotions rise to the surface to be


We will journey to meet our Dark Goddess ally. Kali, Lilith, Hekate, The Morrigan, are

all powerful archetypes that can help us face any fears of the Dark, fears of our own

Power. They can help us to navigate the more difficult to feel emotions, you know

those ones you’d rather not have! As we embrace our shadow instead of denying it,

we unlock vast amounts of energy and Clarity. In time it becomes easier to set

healthy boundaries, to know what is truly right for us and feel confident to speak our


The day will include:

  • Opening cacao ceremony (Song Blessings with Rachael)
  • Pranayama cleansing breath practices
  • Easy Heart Mantra Meditation to anchor you into the Stillness, that you can play with as an eyes closed and/or eyes open daily practice
  • A deep, myth infused, slow flowing, alignment based Yoga practice
  • A nourishing vegetarian lunch
  • Heart led journey, journaling and sharing (optional)
  • Deeply Restful & Restorative Yoga
  • Chakra Healing Mantra Meditation
  • Closing ceremony (Song Blessings with Rachael)

This is a cosy and intimate retreat with only 10 spaces available.

To book your space please click here to fill in the registration form:

Let us begin 2023 with a clean slate, taking more time to set our intentions and

resolutions (especially as Mercury is retrograde at New Year!) knowing that we need

not fear the Dark, that we are not alone, as we trust that Wisdom is within us, guiding

us if only we will learn how to listen.

2023 is a 7 year (numerology). 7 brings opportunities to experience Trust. Before we

can Trust others we must first learn to know and Trust ourSelves. It’s a good year for

exploring our talents, for learning new things, for using our creative skills, hobbies,

and special gifts to help others. This New Moon in Aquarius will support us in seeing

ourselves clearly and how our unique Presence and creativity can add value to our


Moving with Stillness is to live from a place of deep listening, Joyfully dancing the song of your Heart into Being.

Booking: Fill in the reg form here:


Instagram: @thebendywitch 

Facebook: /bendywitch


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