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Yoga Teacher

I was intrigued by yoga and meditation from childhood. It seemed a bit way out in the 70s, but my lovely and very ordinary seeming grandmother (my Grooner) told me that she had come out of her body in her meditation and she wasn't even the oldest person in her yoga class.

I have been practising yoga for many years. My main teacher has been Debbie at the Om Studio. She has taught me to be humble in my yoga; to feel into it and let the yoga move through me. My own teaching would not be anything like it is without the years I have spent with Debbie at her Om Studio.

When I started yoga teacher training, I really wanted to make yoga more central in my life. I am diligent in growing my skills and knowledge, in my self study and leading classes in a truthful and safe way. But I am really here to share yoga with my classes, so that each of us can find what we need from the yoga practice. We can adapt the classes so we work mindfully, stronger or more restful just as we need to in that moment. It really is not a secret or a mystery. You do not need to be fit or healthy, bendy, look a certain way, or be a certain age. Yoga is something you can start now.

I qualified with the YMCA - that is quite unusual in the yoga world. But it fitted my principles. I so believe that yoga is for everyone and the opportunity to train with the YMCA meant that there was no profit-making, and my course fees were going to charitable projects, particularly youth activities. It also meant that its anatomical focus perfectly complimented all that Debbie had shared with me about the deeper aspects of yoga.

I have found a genuine love for bringing yoga to those that may not be sure whether it is for them. It is where I feel I need to be working. You will find my Beginner and Returners Yoga classes at the Om Studio small and welcoming. We ease in gently and find a new way to move, learning new skills, developing flexibility and strength, and try different breathing practices. We always finish with a good lie down, coming to stillness, newly rested.

I trained in womb and well woman yoga therapy with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. A type of yoga that supports women at every stage of life, connecting with our inner teacher, our own cyclical wisdom. I offer these well woman sessions monthly at the Om Studio, where we settle in, work with rest and gentle movement. 

I am also a qualified total yoga nidra facilitator with the Yoga Nidra Network. Nidra is a kind of effortless meditation in which I guide you, in a simple way, to take exactly what you need from the practice: deep rest, reconnection with our intuition, transformation and even better sleep! The Yoga Nidra Network is the most in depth nidra training I have seen, with an ongoing focus on ethics, safety and personal practice. As well as being a big part of our women’s sessions, I run monthly nidra sessions, with plenty of time to try a variety of nidra meditations and to soak up the benefits with tea and sweet treats. 


I look forward to welcoming you to a class soon.

In tribute to my beloved Grooner: 

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