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Debbie's Cacao Blends


Truly Heart opening Medicine

~Blended by~ Debbie-Sundara Om


There is a slight subtle energy infused in the Alchemy of each individual blend of Cacao elixir


ANAND ~ Bliss Blend  [Presence ~ To Open]

100g bag Guatamalan Cacao high grade



Blended with Tumeric, Ginger, Celtic salt, coconut sugar

Infused with the energy dosa of the Satchitananda Mantra.


This blended is to be drunk before a body movement practice.


To luxurate and to welcome the exquisite gift of intimacy into your body heart communion.


Cacao for a Body Ceromony/Yoga /Tia Chi/Gi Gong/Tantric work.


SUNDARA ~ Beauty Blend [To feel ~ To express]

100g Guatamalan high grade cacao



Blended with Organic cayenne pepper, Celtic-salt, vanilla powder, coconut sugar, Hemp-seeds which gives the cacao a little texture between the teeth.  Infused with the energy dosa of the Gayatri Mantra. 


This blend is to assist with:

contemplation/meditation/sound baths/Gongs/Himalayan bowls/crystal bowls/drum journeying/voice work/singing medicine songs/mantra/chanting/

Bhajan/kirtan/conscious conversation in heart resonance


Drinking cacao in the evening comes with a warning - you may find your sleep pattern is interrupted due to the high grade quality of the this Guatemalan Cacao.


10g per cup provides 10 ceremonies

20g per cup provides 5 ceremonies which is a powerful dose (I suggest build up to this dose.)


Simply add 200/300ml of your favourite organic oat/almond milk (Maybe you could blend your own hemp or almond milk - delicious but  more time required for that one!)




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Debbie's Cacao Blends

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