Stretch to the Future
with Debbie & Cath
in collaboration with
Macmillan & Northamptonshire Sport


Monday 4.45pm - 5.45pm

Thursday 12noon - 1:00pm


What to Expect're here with us!


Gemma, Cath and Debbie will be holding these classes for your Yoga wellbeing.


All classes are now both in the Studio and live time via Zoom.


To book your place please text message or e-mail us for a response within a few hours.  We would also ask that you sign up with Stretch to the Future via this link:

Limited places for drop-in one-off classes may still be possible but prior notice

will be required as spaces are still limited due to current government regulations with regard to COVID.
Bookings are also available for a block of 4 classes running consecutively

where you will notice the benefits of weekly practice.


text 07828139582




Weekly classes 

Monday 4.45pm-5.45pm
Thursday 12noon -1.00pm

Unfortunately there is no parking available on the premises of The Om Studio
Parking is however available close by on side roads of Balmoral Rd and

Queens Park Parade NN2 6LP or at the Asda store opposite.


Avoid parking in ALDI or in BELL.


Please read our Covid Safety Guidelines.

These are the ways we can work with you:
If you can commit to 4 classes running consecutivly your place will be saved.
We ask if you can please give as much notice as possible if for any reason you cannot attend your class as this will allow us to offer the place to those on the reserve list.

Keeping it very simple there will be a Whatsapp group with each teacher that we shall ask your permission to join you to,

this way we can promptly connect with you and each other inside this class group generally and immediately if needs be.

Class material will also be shared inside the Whatsapp group i.e. yoga book recommendations, wellness subject matters that may arise etc. We encourage curiosity inside the Whatsapp group and would welcome any questions you may have around Yoga wellbeing. We will remove you from the Whatsapp group if you are no longer attending classes.

The focus here will provide you with the building blocks for your holistic care to improve strength and flexibility.
This will be through enthusiastic encouragement and years of teaching experience.


Firstly, no yoga experience is required on your part, come as you are - we meet you where you are - not where we are.
Yoga generosity shares real benefits throughout its repertoire of exercises/postures and fluid movement that create inner and outer space for body comfort, strength and flexibility.  Cues will be given throughout the class to point to the power of your body - mind connection and to guide you to meet yourself in a safe place.

Yoga movement is paramount to gaining full recovery back to balanced health.  We will guide you through:

• Yoga movement techniques to assist finding comfort and the enjoyment pathways that find the best in your body through movement.

• Deepening relaxation through awareness and breathing techniques.

• Teaching ways to discover awareness of connection, focus and change that maybe required for ongoing body-mind work for living well.
• Meditation techniques to deepen the connection to an inner peace that is actually always present through Yoga body-mind awareness.


Please do message for any further information

We are in service to you and we look forward to sharing your Yoga experience with you!

07828139582 .