Yoga for a Healthier You

with Debbie 

funded by
The Prostate Charity


Monday 4.30pm - 5.30pm

(No bank holidays)

Class Focus:

Firstly, no yoga experience is required on your part, come as you are - we meet you where you are - not where we are.  Yoga shares real benefits throughout its repertoire of exercises/postures.  We will help you find more fluid movement to create inner and outer space for the body-mind comfort, strength and flexibility.  

Teachable Cues will be given throughout the class guiding you back to the power of your body – and also we will guide you with the mind connection to meet yourself in a safe place inside the movement.  


This is Yoga movement to assist in your recovery and returning to balanced health.  


Class Content:

• Yoga movement techniques to assist finding comfort and the enjoyment pathways that find the best in your body through movement. You can use props to make it fully inclusive.

• Deepening relaxation through guided awareness techniques and breathing practices.


• Ways to find the daily change you would like to see, such as ongoing body-mind yoga to improve your quality of living.


• Meditation techniques - to deepen the connection to an inner peace of mind.

Please do message for any further information

Look forward to sharing your Yoga experience with you!


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by text /Call/WhatsApp on  07828139582 / or email