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Yoga Teacher

Ali is a qualified Minded Yoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher. Ali initially trained as a yoga teacher with

The British Wheel of Yoga 15 years ago, and has since immersed herself in many forms of yoga

practices and training with a variety of teachers and lineages, including training in Yoga Therapy for

Healthy Lower Backs with the Yoga Biomedical Trust and Well Woman Yoga Therapy with Uma-

Dinsmore-Tuli. Training with The Minded Institute as a Yoga Therapist has brought Ali’s many years

of practice and experience together into a cohesive form, in which she can apply all that she has

learned, to help others move towards healing through the gentle guidance of Yoga Therapy. The

Minded Institute, with whom Ali trained as a Yoga Therapist, are leaders in the field of Yoga Therapy,

combining trauma informed yoga, mindfulness, neuroscience and psychotherapeutic principles. Ali

teaches general classes, well woman yoga classes, courses and workshops in and around

Northampton, and also offers one to one Yoga Therapy.


Well Woman Yoga

My monthly two hour Well Woman Yoga sessions are a space held for women to come together and

slow down the busy pace of life. We draw on practices to honour our bodies as cyclical beings which

move in unison with the cycles of our bodies, the moon, and the turning of the seasons. These

practices are very gentle, but incredibly powerful, with the ultimate aim of bringing well needed

nurturing and deep rest to our body-minds. Each session involves some gentle mindful movement

and breath work, restorative yoga (where we use lots of props to support our bodies in easeful yoga

postures), ending with a long yoga guided nidra (deep relaxation).

Sessions are held monthly, every first Thursday of the month.  For more info see my Om Yoga Page.

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