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Living Well with Cancer


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11:30am - Breathe, Move, Be

12:30pm - Yoga Relaxation

12:30pm (monthly) - Sound Bath


What to Expect

You can book these events individually. 
Places are limited.
Text 07828139582  or Email 

We are Now back in the Om Studio and will continue to offer these classes online via zoom live time.

Please check for Covid updates and Parking when visiting the studio.

I welcome your body.
During these classes you will meet your body from exactly where you are now.  The class teachings are here to encourage a gentle mindful kindness throughout the practice. Thus teaching step by step the benefits of body stretches externally and internally. 
You will make great leaps towards holistic wellbeing. "Breathe Move Be"

☆ Yoga class ☆
11:30 -12.20pm

"Breath Move and Be" 

Gentle Yoga and Breathing practices for wellbeing.

Yoga has the ability to create inner spaciousness throughout the practice as movement explores

ways of learning how to feel the body in more fluidity through yoga's teachings.


What you will experience:
• Body alignment practices

• Conscious breathing practices that teach ways to evaluate the moment you find yourself in
'how do I feel' to better self regulate this mind- body connection.

During class we continuously revisit the practices of body awareness and breathing until familiarity sets into a deeper rooted place within the nervous system which then can begin to communicate a natural strength, a calm which I call developing a yoga - mind, to access in your day to day living.

"Breath Move Be" Yoga can be adjusted to suit everyone by using studio props which give support to the body.
No experience required, welcome yourself just the way you are.
The practice may be on the ground, in a chair, standing upright, or on a yoga mat.
We encourage you to tine into your energy and ability when we are together.

☆ Yoga Relaxation ☆
12.30 -1:00pm

We will help you in finding a restful State through guided relaxation, Yoga Nidra and Meditation.

Finding these deeper states of being teaches the body, mind connection to become evermore present to the natural resting state that begins to happen gradually through a guided spoken process.

Now it is time to let go of body mind connection which has tremendous health benefits for the whole nervous system and body's organs.
We will look at the benefits of deeper states of restful functioning to cultivate a lesser reactive mind body connection.

To prepare for Yoga relaxation we ask you to consider:

• Do you require padded mat?

• Do you require support from cushions?

This is all possible in the studio. 

When joining from home this can be received from the bed or a chair.


☆ Sound Bath ☆

12.30 -1:30pm
Monthly Mondays
26th July/23rd Aug/13th Sep/25th Oct/29th Nov

A sound bath provides a space for you to lay down, finding the best body comfort from padded mats, cushions, and blankets.
There are also a few reclining chairs that can be used, if the ground is too far out of reach for you.
Sound baths aid rest to induce the body's natural ability to find its own homeostasis through "vibrational sound frequencies".


Sounds you will experience:
Gong, Himalayan singing bowls,
Bells, Voice tones.


Followed by tea and a peace of homemade healthy cake.

Sound baths can only take place in the studio as the sound quality isn't possible via zoom.

Places are limited for booking
Text 07828139582 or 

A Little About Debbie
The Om Studio was built some 20 years ago for Yoga & all things ceremonial, health and wellbeing.
Debbie teaches Yoga in the studio, and one of her passions is Sacred Sound. This happens through sharing mantra/bhajan, Gongs Himalayan bowls, voice tones and song.

She adores setting up sacred spaces and values connection through the potency of being with what is here in presence when groups come together. She shares group work that carries a potent transformational energy.


Debbie holds a space for 

•Joyful fluid movement sessions
•Reiki Healing
•Sacred Sound baths

What to experience in
"Joyful fluid movement"
This is an internalised movement practice birthed through the inspiration of my own movement practice and years of connection with teachers that continue to inspire me.  I share these classes as a healing practice to become the witness of consciousness in movement meditation, for one's presence to be fully embodied, after movement the expression of journaling and or drawing take place to express feeling and thought - stories that arise in the physical body, emotional body, mental body (bodies known as the koshes in yoga).


"Joyful fluid movement" provides a space for creativity to express in truth of the moment this arises in presence for one's healing and beyond that I sense.

The Link for Your Class
zoom link
Meeting ID: 835 5545 4958
Passcode: 757985

Please also book if you are joining class via zoom 
Text 07828139582 or by 


Thank you Debbie om

07828139582 .

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